1. Why is there an unfamiliar smell from the limewood blocks ?

Our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forest in Russia and China.

We use lime, beech, maple and pine wood for our handmade blocks.

For limewood, there is an unpleasant natural scent while other woods don't have. Due to the insufficient airing after the package, you may feel the smell is quite strong when you open the package, however this is completely harmless, and it will decrease over time.

For example, the large stepped wooden blocks are made from limewood.

  1. Why is the pyramid made of limewood not beechwood like most products in the market?

We had compared the grippy texture within these two products, and it turns out the limewood block has much grippy than beech blocks even though they are in the same process of making them.


Frequently asked shipping questions:

1. When will my order arrive?

We dispatched orders in 24 hours. For standard postage, Australia Post takes between 2-7 business days. 

2. I need to change my delivery address

Unfortunately, once your order has been placed and the parcel has been dispatched from our warehouse, we are unable to make changes to the delivery address. Please double check that the correct delivery address and postcode has been entered into the shipping information fields to avoid delivery delays.

3. My order hasn’t arrived on time

Please copy the tracking number we provided you in your shipping confirmation email and paste it into the Australia Post tracking box, found here

  • If your tracking details say “In transit” you can rest assured your order is safely on its way.
  • If your tracking details say “Awaiting collection at (Insert Name) Post Shop” and you haven’t received a collection slip, please head to the post office and give them your tracking number for immediate parcel collection.
  • If your tracking details say “Contact Sender” it may mean that your delivery address may have been incorrect and your order is being returned to us. Contact us and we will sort it for you.