We love our Pastel Pyramid Blocks from Joykids. The set includes 100 blocks that increase in size from 4x4cm to 20x4cm. The blocks are handcrafted from solid lime wood and dyed in gorgeous pastel colours.

The Joykids Pastel Pyramid Block set is a great example of an open-ended toy, which means there is no right or wrong way to use it. You may also notice that the way your kids play with the blocks may change depending on their developmental stage and/or interest.

Babies and younger toddlers may play by exploring the block, feeling the texture, carrying it with them. They may also enjoy knocking down towers that you create for them! At around 2-3 years of age, they may stack or line up the blocks. The more they explore and are exposed to the blocks, they may create bridges, enclosures, buildings and so on.


Before they get to that stage of creating purely out of their own imagination and experiences, you can give your child some ideas on how to play with blocks through simple invitations to play.

Here are some examples:

 Build and Destroy

Younger toddlers may initially be more interested in taking things apart and scattering pieces. This is developmentally appropriate at this age, since they are still figuring out how things fit together and come apart. So I supported my daughter’s interest in this play by building a stack of blocks for her and inviting her to knock it down. While “building” is great, “destroying” is certainly part of the fun too. This activity was such a hit and we would do it over and over again!


 Building a tower is one of the classic ways to play with blocks. I would often sit on the mat and start building the base, and eventually my daughter would take over. You can challenge your child by stacking blocks as high as they could!

 Colour Matching


Once your child has mastered colour recognition, you can pair up the Pyramid Block Set with Rainbow Loose Parts for a colour matching activity. These two resources work so beautifully together!

 Car Road

 You can pair up the Pyramid Blocks with your child’s current interests. For instance, this easy invitation to play is great for children who are showing plenty of interest in cars and vehicles. Since the blocks are all loose pieces, you can decide how narrow, wide, simple or elaborate the road will be.


 Another great use of the Pyramid Blocks with cars is by using them as an accessory to complement your child’s small world play. By using different lengths of blocks, they can turn into skyscrapers for a cityscape setup.


If you find that you child is showing an interest in enclosed spaces, you can support this in block play by creating structures with enclosures, such as this tunnel. This play idea works well with cars, peg dolls, animals, or anything else your child may want.


 Similar to the activity above, this play idea will support your child’s interest in enclosures. If you have matching car colours, it can also turn into a colour sorting activity!

 Peek-a-boo Wall

 To recreate this play idea, start by stacking the blocks horizontally. Stack two blocks vertically to leave a peek-a-boo window in the wall. You can play a game of peek-a-boo with your child with this fun setup!


 The tray of the Pyramid Block set is great for incorporating in play setups. You can use it as a base when creating a house of blocks. My daughter loved using this setup with peg dolls in small world play.

 Ball Run #1

Stack the blocks horizontally against a balance board or the wall and then pair with some wooden balls for an easy ball run! This setup is great for children who are showing an interest in exploring movement and gravity.

 Ball Run #2

 If you find that ball runs are a hit, another easy ball run idea is by building different levels of blocks on the block tray.


 The smallest block in the Pyramid Block set is a 4x4cm cube, and then the next lengths increase by 4cm increments. This clever design makes this resource fantastic for introducing units, quantity, length and counting.


Creating pictures using the blocks is a wonderful mindfulness activity to help wind down after a big day! You can build simple shapes or more elaborate pictures such as flowers, animals, or vehicles. You can take advantage of the different colours offered in the set or be as creative as you want. The only limit is your imagination!


This last play idea is perfect for older children to develop problem solving skills as well as persistence. Build a simple maze of blocks, ensuring that there is an “entrance” and an “exit”. Then add a peg doll to the setup and challenge your child to guide the peg doll to find the exit of the maze!

 I hope you enjoyed reading this list of play ideas to inspire you on ways to use your Pyramid Block set with your child!

This is a guest blog written by Jenn from @practicalnanay (www.instagram.com/practicalnanay) for JoyKids

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